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Project Management


Effectiveness of the project management is crucial to the success of every major project in the laboratory. Project management gets even more important when the size of the project grows.

The success of an implementation of a laboratory informatics solution, like LIMS, ELN or SDMS, depends, to a large extend, on the effectiveness of the project management.  The role of the project manager of the laboratory is to monitor the progress of the implementation on factors such as implementation timetable, budget, functional specification etc. The laboratory project manager is point of contact towards the supplier's project manager.


It is crucial that both the laboratory (customer) and the supplier deploy a project manager who both oversee the entire implementation and, incase of deviation from the project plan, negotiate the best solution to get back on track. Often problems during the implementation can be traced back to poor or lacking project management on one or both sides of supplier and customer. Unfortunately, the role of project manager on the supplier side is very often filled, as a dual-role, by one of the implementation consultants. This is not recommended since the project manger's role to overview and steer the project is to important as to be filled as a dual role. Furthermore the project manager needs to be able to take some distance when difficult decisions need to be made.

The Linkedin "Poll" results in the picture above show clearly that lacking of laboratory-side project management is an important factor in the high failure rate of laboratory informatics projects.

Many laboratories do not employ a project manager and rely on the project manager of the supplier, in the process rendering the control of the project to the supplier. Needless to say that this is not a desirable situation, certainly not incase of a conflict situation.

LUFC LabConsultants recommends to hire an independent (vendor-neutral) project manager that represents the interests of the laboratory.

Project management is preferably already involved during the selection process. LUFC LabConsultants provides project managers that can assist you during the selection and decision making process and subsequently also manage the entire implementation.

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