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What is a URS and why do I need it?

URS is an abbreviation of  "User Requirement(s) Specification", a document stating the (non-) functional user requirements concerning software, services and/or hardware that will be selected/upgraded/implemented.
A URS can be setup for several purposes and often has a different level of detail depending on the goal of the URS.
In order to drive a software selection, a URS generally has less detail compared to a URS for a software upgrade or -implementation.
The purpose of a software selection URS is to be able to identify whether a certain candidate software solution/vendor is able to provide the necessary functionality and services (knowledge & experience) to implement a suitable and user-friendly solution within the set time & budget.

The selection URS is a good starting point for the development of an implementation URS, which has an increased level of detail and is tailored more towards the chosen software solution. The vendor will often use a GAP analyses document and/or a Functional Requirements Specification which will, along side a project plan, drive the implementation.

LUFC LabConsultants recommends to involve the (future) users in the process of gathering the user requirements.
They generally know very well what they need in terms of support from the new "LIMS" solution. The thought-process during the gathering of the requirements is essential for the degree of fit of the future software solution and automatically raises the public support of the implementation of a new LIMS system.  A simple "copy-paste" action from an existing URS of another laboratory might seem to be "quicker", however will not result in the same level of quality of fit and may along the way contribute to not selecting the best solution for your laboratory.

LUFC supports the users during requirements gathering and documenting with:

  • Workflow analyses and -optimization (LabInfoScan)
  • Requirements brainstorm-session(s) with users
  • Knowledge transfer of functionality of available commercial LIMS systems
  • Translate user requirements into a suitable URS
  • URS template including all the necessary topics, ready for vendor response
  • Independent check on validity and completeness of the user requirements and URS document
  • Completed URS, ready to be used during a vendor- & software selection

LUFC LabConsultants is a 100% vendor-independent consultancy company with a great deal of knowledge and experience concerning the LIMS-market, LIMS vendors, laboratory processes, user requirement gathering and structured LIMS selection procedures.


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